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tival Bow Lodge Cat Rescue


Bow Lodge started with one lady and a mission to help all the cats she possibly can (and a few dogs too). This was Maria Revell. Maria had a bit of a rough childhood but animals were always there when she needed a hug or a fluffy shoulder to cry on. She attributes them to helping her cope with mental health issues and wellbeing throughout her life which is a sentiment all of our volunteers agree with. Around 30 years ago she started taking in cats that were left behind or just needed a helping hand. Over the years she was known as the local cat lady and people knew they could go to her for any feline rescue help.

In 2008 Maria and her family decided to launch Bow Lodge Cat Rescue as there were always new cats to help and save. The rescue was named after a particular cat Maria cared for called Bow. Bow had been left outside whilst the owners moved to a new house leaving her to fend for herself. Luckily for Bow Maria found out and was there to help. When home with the Revells they found out that Bow had a thyroid condition and would need an operation and a lot of care until she was ready to be rehomed. Maria paid for this out of her own pocket and nursed her back to health. Bow Lodge has always been a family run rescue and nowadays her daughter Sarah is running the show along with Laura though there’s always the odd call from Maria about a cat that needs help.

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