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Welcome to the charming world of Sweet William. British designed gifts and homewares inspired by founder Emma Wood’s beloved four-legged friend, William the Black Labrador.

The company was set up in 2009 when Emma decided after 10 years of working in the City it was finally time to pursue a childhood love of pottery instead.

Emma's collections are designed at her studio in Greenwich, London, and depict celebration & family with a quintessentially British humour. The Mischievous Mutts collection has become the brand's signature range, first beginning with William’s Black Labrador mug and now featuring a growing variety of popular breeds and products.

Sweet William are all about celebrating people’s love of dogs; whether you are sending a card, looking for your keys or enjoying a well-deserved cup of tea, your most cherished companion is lovingly adorned on each item to brighten up the everyday.

The Sweet William girls personally check and pack every single order so you can always be assured of the quality and service you will receive.

We hope you enjoy shopping with Sweet William!

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