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Thank you's, Socials, Press... 

Thank you's, Socials, Press... 


"Loki had the best day at the event! It was so lovely to see such a diverse variety of dogs and owners coming together to celebrate the pure joy of having a dog. The Embassy Gardens Party hosts in the main arena kept us brilliantly entertained all day and showcased beautiful doggos and their tricks. It’s such a fun day for dogs and owners, or even people just looking for some great vibes and food. We will be back every year, especially as Loki can’t stop thinking about that delicious pup cup!"


Thanks again 

Meredith Evans  

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"We were over the moon to win the funniest photo category at the PAAWstival Awards this year. The Embassy Gardens Pawfect Street Party was a fabulous event with something for everyone and the location is ideal for dogs with great places to drink and dine for the humans too! " 

Gaynor Jackson 

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"Thank you, Gabby, for all you do for those who have no voice, this is from my heart to thank you for everything you organised on Saturday it was a wonderful day. 


I hadn't been feeling very well all week and recent with the recent bereavement of my mum I have been feeling pretty low. 


On the Saturday I was coming then I wasn't then I was, and, in the end, I just looked at Fleur and said shall we have a day out together, just you and I, and her ears pricked up. Fleur is becoming very frail, so I was amazed she had a spring in her step the whole day. She loved the train journey as she loves humans and the fuss it brings and the head and tummy tickles she gets. 


We had a lovely day meeting old friends and making new friends, such a fun happy festival feeling. 


Sometimes we need someone to simply be there, not to fix anything or do anything in particular, but just to let us feel we are supported and cared about. 

Thank you to Embassy Gardens who put on a fantastic event ‘The Embassy Gardens Pawfect Street Party’ and the ‘PAAWstival Awards’ - you're all amazing paw support." 


Fleur & Wendy 

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“Where do I start? We had the most amazing day at The Embassy Gardens Pawfect Street Party and the PAAWSTIVAL awards 2022. 

The setting at Embassy Gardens was a little Oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and provided the perfect backdrop to the event. 

We browsed the many stalls, watched some of the fun activities and even found the time for a little snooze. 

The highlight of our day was the PAAWSTIVAL awards where we were welcomed with so much genuine kindness, nothing was too much to ask. My dog Scout is blind and as such there can sometimes be issues with the logistics of him negotiating his way around, but we had no problems whatsoever. 

The awards were well run, and we made many new friends in our fellow finalists. 

The icing on the cake was Scout winning the All Stars 4 Ukraine Award, something I will never forget. 

Cannot wait to do it again!” 


Tracey Ison 

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