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A Dogs Life x PAAWstival 2021

We are thrilled to have Anna Webb join us as a guest judge for PAAWstival 2021. Anna, along with Prudence, Mr. Binks, and Gremlin has been working with PAAW House behind the scenes to make PAAWstival 2021 happen, and to support our PAAWstival Charity Dog Awards. Thanks Anna.

I’m so proud to be supporting Paawstival as recognising and celebrating man’s best friend.

Having grown up with dogs, I’m no stranger to their companionship and the value they play as integral to the human condition. In fact, I believe they can save us from ourselves.

My Dad was the secretary of the RSPCA in Shropshire, so I learnt about abject animal cruelty and neglect from an early age. I’ve been honoured to share my life with dogs, who do become like chapters in a book, defining moments, episodes and life phases.

We’ve seen how through the pandemic we’ve reached out to dogs, and how they’ve defined it! For me Paawstival represents how we will move forwards with a greater appreciation of dogs and a more dog-friendly, inclusive society. As a judge at what is a charity dog show like no other, I’m proud to raise awareness about the ‘PAAW” Factor in aid of welfare organisations like Wild at Heart Foundation and StreetVet.

Through the lockdowns my dogs, Prudence, a Miniature Bull Terrier and Mr Binks my re-homed English Toy Terrier have been my rocks. Keeping me present, being non-judgemental and making me smile, we’ve relished our gateway to the outdoors.

Paawstival is embracing all that is amazing about dogs. Understanding that every dog is extraordinary as an individual in a growing community that’s a social network without being on social media. It’s a chance to have lots of fun in a London-centric location and be proud of your four-legged best friends. Dogs haven’t cared about lockdown hairdo’s, and all of them have been like our stress barometers.

But I must raise a claw to my rescue cat, Gremlin, who has also gone the extra mile as part of my family. As the cat ambassador for Paaw House, he is behind the proposed legislation, Jasmines Law for a “Pet In Every Home’, which is integral to the ethics at Paawstival.

I combine my lifelong passion for dogs as a Broadcaster, Nutrition and Behaviour expert, along with my study at the College of Integrated Veterinary Studies, into my podcast, A DOG’S LIFE. Talking to scientists and experts, those who have changed and are changing our understanding of dogs, A DOG’S LIFE is utterly dog-centric, tackling topical issues, with an alternative view, that is at times a little bit subversive. Fusing my skills co-hosting BBC Radio London’s Barking Hour for over a decade, appearing on The Titchmarsh show and other primetime TV, my hope is A DOG’S LIFE will help pet parents enjoy a long, happy and healthy life together.

I am certainly looking forward to Paawstival, and we’ll be recording live across the event, both from the main arena, around the show, and from the VIP (very important pooch) area!

To find out more about Anna or tune in to her Podcast, 'A Dogs Life' check out her website Anna Webb. Dog Behaviourist and Nutritionist. Writer and Broadcaster

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