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FETCH.IT x PAAWstival 2021

We discovered FETCH.IT not long after their launch whilst searching for eco-friendly poo bags. They had us at the name, its rather genius! We found our perfect poo bags and have been fans ever since. We've loved watching the brand grow and expect great things to come. We are grateful to have the FETCH.IT team on board as PAAWstival supporters.

Who are FETCH.IT

All good stories start with poo. FETCH.IT started after co-founder, Kiki got herself a crazy cockapoo. It became apparent that plastic poo bags were endemic. Together with Alex, they created an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic poo bag. It didn’t stop at poo bags, they’ve now expanded to UK’s first certified compostable cleansing mitt.

The story

Kiki and Alex, NHS doctors who have a vision to create a circular economy by harnessing the power of poo to create bigger things. With over 9 million dogs in the UK, the amount of dog poo being generated and increasing plastic pollution they started out just wanting to encourage dog owners to choose better alternatives. With one poo bag, Kiki and Alex listened to their customer’s feedback to expand their line of poo bags. One customer described difficulties with tying her poo bags due to her hand arthritis so they created a bag with handles! Others asked for smaller bags for smaller poops to decrease waste, and that’s exactly what they did! FETCH.IT are the only compostable poo bag company to have different size poo bags for different size pooches.

They have now developed their compostable pet products to include UK’s first certified cleansing mitt. It’s made out of wood pulp fibres and designed to be rinsed and reused before disposal in composting bin. They’re perfect for those wet weather British walks.


Gabby and Vinnie, founders of PAAW house have been early supporters of the FETCH.IT mission. FETCH.IT are proud to work alongside the PAAW team to help support the work they do, in particular their work with charities. We can’t wait for PAAWstival 2021.

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