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The Guard House


Address: No 1 St, Royal Arsenal, London SE18 6GH



Dog Friendly:

Dog menu: Treats available at the bar Dog friendly accommodation: No accommodation available Provide water for dogs: Yes, staff are happy to provide water for all dogs


Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10am to 11pm

Costs: ***

Food: Their kitchen is open every day of the week and is fronted by their fantastic Head Chef Simon. The Guard House celebrates the best of British food by only ever using the best seasonal ingredients which are delivered daily throughout the year.

Overview: The Guard House recently launched a brand new burger shack menu, whether you fancy a classic burger, a fully loaded or even curly fries, perfect for any time of the week. They are currently open for breakfast every day from 10am, only a stones throw away from the soon to be completed Crossrail as well as a two-minute walk to Woolwich Arsenal DLR, or why not walk down from the clipper?

Fun Fact:

The pub is set in the original Guardhouse building on the Royal Arsenal dating back to 1787

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