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PAAWstival - Note from our host

Anna Webb – Broadcaster, Author, has studied natural nutrition and therapies with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT). She lives in London and is owned by Prudence a Miniature Bull Terrier and Mr Binks, a re-homed English Toy Terrier.

I’m thrilled to be involved with PAAWstival, and apart from hosting the grand finale, I’m proud to be sponsoring the Pupstar category with MyLine – that’s the name of my new long line, and up-coming range of great dog centric products.

How it all began

I first met Gabby Kuehn, the founder of Pets Are Always Welcome, during her court case to fight for the right to keep her dog Vinnie in their leasehold owned property.

Having faced eviction with my first Mini Bull terrier, Molly, from a property I similarly owned leasehold, I could really empathise. I have never understood the discriminatory attitude of landlords about being so anti-dogs, and all other pets.

So, when I was invited to host a talk at the first Paawstival in 2020, which was all online, I jumped at the opportunity. Being right in the middle of the first lockdown, there was a real sense of community amongst dogs and their people.

I guess it’s partly because dogs are a social network without technology. But dogs have proved themselves as our companions, our stress busters and our gateway to the outdoors through the pandemic.

The journey

Once you bring a dog into your life, your world changes, horizons open, you learn about being in a non- judgemental relationship that is for life not just lockdown.

That’s why I was so pleased to help campaign with Gabby for #JasminesLaw. This Bill, proposed by Andrew Rosindell MP, aims to eradicate unfair “no pet” clauses in tenancy agreements, giving new and existing pet owners an easier chance of renting a pet friendly home. And staying together!

As the demand for puppies soared through the pandemic, many would have faced eviction by non- dog friendly landlords. Apart from the heart break suffered not just by the dogs, the aged old ‘no pet clauses’ could have fuelled the sales of young, teenaged pups online.

When we know how good dogs are for our mental and physical health, so it simply makes no sense to uphold antiquated laws that are out of sink with modern socio-economic trends.

Gabby and I have chatted on my podcast A DOG’S LIFE about Jasmine’s Law, and why it’s been so widely accepted as a major breakthrough, not least considering that Millennials represent over 30% of new pet parents, and 35% of the UK’s rental market.


As well as hosting the grand finale, I’m recording a podcast live from PAAWstival on Sunday 5th September at the Happenstance bar and restaurant. So close to St Paul’s, my favourite London landmark, it sets the perfect backdrop for a memorable day.

We’re going to capture the essence of its first ‘real life’ edition, with music, acts, talks and the grand finale of the Charity Dog Show where the winner wins a whopping £10K!

All the profits will be donated to PAAW House charities: Wild at Heart Foundation and StreetVet, with additional donations to guest charities.

Talking to the winners, the sponsors, celebrity guests, influencers and the dogs themselves, it going to be so much fun. And my Producer, Mike Hanson cannot wait, he’ll be bringing Billy, his Parsons Jack Russell to join in the fun.

Me and my loyal Podcast co-host Mr Binks, my re-homed English Toy Terrier, will be on the mic hosting the grand finale from about 2 pm. There’s still just time to grab your free entry ticket online at

See you there!


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