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PetPanion x PAAWstival 2021

PAAW House is delighted to welcome PetPanion to the PAAWstival Crew. We are excited by their pro-active approach to pet health and look forward to working with them as they continue their journey. Thanks to Qian and the team at PetPanion for sponsoring the Happiest Hound category in our PAAWstival Charity Dog Awards. A Healthy Hound is a Happy Hound

Who are PetPanion

PetPanion is the must-have app revolutionising pet healthcare. Thanks to a data-led approach, PetPanion helps you to track, monitor and receive professional support regarding your dog’s health, delivering insights like never before.

Our story…

The journey began with a poorly pooch called Koko! Koko had been unwell for some time, but as is the case with all our pets, English is not Koko’s first language! The message was lost in translation. Koko’s pet parent Qian couldn’t help but wonder – could I have prevented Koko from becoming ill. Is there more I could have done. Being a firm believer of “one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, Qian set about building a FREE data-driven pet healthcare app that puts pet parents in complete control of their pet’s wellness; medically and financially.

PetPanion Enables Users to...

Keep their dog’s health on track! Store all information about your dog’s health in one place and track it via the infamous PetPanion Wellness Score! You can also monitor their daily activity and food consumption using our latest smart devices = GPS & Activity tracker + Smart food bowl with WiFi. Access professional help quickly and easily when needed… On the occasion that your dog does not seem themselves, subscribers can have unlimited on-demand consultations with qualified veterinarians who work in harmony with your registered vet. PetPanion’s vets will also put together bespoke treatment plans designed especially for your pet.

Save £££'s Did you know that a total hip replacement (THR) for a Labrador will cost £6,500 - £8,000! PetPanion provides you with the knowledge you need to prevent common conditions such as obesity and arthritis and give your dog a healthier, happier life.

PetPanion x PAAWstival

PetPanion are proud to sponsor the ‘Happiest Hound Award’ in honour of Koko (pictured above) – who smiles often and is now feeling a whole lot better! We look forward to meeting you at PAAWstival and helping to support the great charities involved.

Free PetPanion App can be downloaded via App Store and Google Play. Discover PetPanion and their bespoke healthcare plans.

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